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Essex Distributors is NOT a corporate affiliate of thyssenkrupp Bilstein GmbH.

Essex Distributors is NOT a corporate affiliate of thyssenkrupp Bilstein GmbH.

BILSTEIN B4 Airsprings provide the Best Value for Your Luxury Vehicle

Premium luxury vehicles from European marques including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Range Rover and Jaguar often utilize airspring technology to ensure top-shelf ride quality and adaptability over changing road surfaces. These vehicles are often sold prematurely because an original owner believes an aging chassis will no-longer support itself with the original ride comfort and security. Similarly, buyers on the used vehicle market may wish to freshen-up the airspring suspension system to re-invigorate a tired vehicle.

BILSTEIN B4 Airsprings offer Original Equipment quality and represent a more affordable investment than an original dealer replacement – eliminating the middleman. Unlike many competitors, BILSTEIN Airsprings are 100% new manufactured, with no re-manufactured parts. BILSTEIN’s electronic controls interface seamlessly with your vehicle’s OE ride controls, ensuring continued functionality.

With a remanufactured airspring, buyers cannot tell how many miles are on the seemingly new parts they are installing, whether they came from the same vehicle, and may not know if the electronic controls are being defeated or properly utilized. Remanufactured air spring modules eliminate functionality by defeating drive mode options. By removing these safety and performance features, your vehicle may have altered stopping distances or inferior maneuverability.

BILSTEIN partners with Mercedes-Benz to develop and provide air suspension for the flag-ship S-Class. With our Airspring technology, you can rest assured when it comes to reliability and safety. For a heavy luxury vehicle, the suspension system plays a vital role in safety. Controlling the weight transfer and handling under dynamic driving conditions is paramount to a controlled, comfortable and secure drive.

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